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Please use the below form to request a written quote for a POS system from Uniquepos.com We understand that you may need assistance in making some decisions in regards to the number of kitchen printer, type of computer, software, etc. Please describe your needs as best as you can and let us know how you would like for us to get back in touch with you. Uniquepos.com will get back to you within the same business day.

1) Are you interested in a complete POS system or only hardware or software components?

Yes - Complete POS system
No - POS hardware only
No - POS software only

2) In what type of business will this point of sale system be used?
Apparel or Footwear
Bar or night club
Convenience store
Liquor or wine store
Hospitality (resort, spa, hotel, etc.)
Institutional (education, government, etc.)
Restaurant: quick serve (fast food, cafe, coffee shop, and delivery)
Restaurant: full service
Restaurant: fine dining
Supermarket or grocery
Retail: other - Please specify type below
Restaurant/Food service: other - Please specify type below
Other Type :

3) Is this request for a new system or an upgrade of a current point of sale system?

New System
Upgrade/replacement to current system If applicable, list current hardware/software:

4) Please indicate your wiring or installation service needs:

I need onsite installation and/or wiring
I do not need onsite installation
I am looking for a system that does not require installation
Please help us determine suitable specific wiring or installation options

5) Are you interested in receiving information for maintenance/service contracts for your POS system?

Not Sure

6) For how many business locations do you need the pos system?


7) What is your buying timeframe for this point of sale system?

0-3 months
4-6 months
6 months or longer
Not sure, please help us determine an appropriate timeline

8) What is the five digit ZIP code for your office location?

9) What is your e-mail address?

10) What type of reporting capabilities will you require for your POS system?

Not sure, please help us to determine the best option
Standard (full reports, PLU reports, hourly reports or department group reports)
Advanced (consolidated report packages for multiple locations or comprehensive polling)
Web-based (enterprise-level reports)

11) What input device(s) will your POS system utilize?
(check all that apply)

Not sure, please help us determine the best option for our needs
Touch screen Monitors
Barcode Scanners
Wireless devices
Other(Please Specify)

12) If known, please indicate how many of the following POS components you will need for each of your business locations

Hardware                                                Quantity

POS terminals with cash drawers                

POS terminals without cash drawers
(order stations)                                         

Remote printers
(for kitchen or bar orders, etc.)                  

Receipt printers
(for kitchen or bar orders, etc.)                   

Credit card terminals
(for kitchen or bar orders, etc.)                  

13) Please describe in detail any additional requirements you may have for your POS system

14) Please enter your Full Name, Address and Phone number we can reach you

Please enter the following code into the box provided:

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If you have answered all of the required questions above, click the "Submit" button below to finish and send your request.

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