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Accept Credit Cards with POS System - Merchant Services

Uniquepos Retail and Restaurant POS Systems are fully integrated with many credit cards companies. By using our systems, you wont need any additional credit card processing software or tools. With selecting one of the compatible credit card processing company , you will be able to accept all major credit cards, pin debit cards,food stamps and process through the pos system. As a leader pos system and credit card integration company, we highly recommend MercuryPay Systems as a Credit card processing company. Below we have listed a number of features that set them apart.

Why Mercury Payment Systems?

Why Are Gift Cards Useful?

Payment Solutions

Mercury Payment Systems' direct interface enables cost-efficient payment processing from the point-of-sale, electronic cash register, or terminal.

Our solutions support all payment types, including credit, debit, PIN debit, gift, check, and EBT. We authorize and process payments for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB card brands.

Integrated POS Payment Processing

We specialize in integrated POS payment processing to streamline business operations. We develop our own technology and assist POS developers with integrating our payment processing solutions to deliver a complete POS solution.

Our direct interface, MercuryPay™, is inside hundreds of restaurant, retail, and specialized POS systems. There is no additional hardware to purchase or extra software to install and support. MercuryPay works with internet and dial-up transactions to process today's high volume of card transactions in less time.

Seamless integration with the POS system enables easy business-management features, such as automated record-keeping and real-time transaction reporting. As the leader in POS payment integrations, we understand POS technology and deliver direct technical support to our payment processing partners.

Solutions For Electronic Cash Registers

We offer integrated payment solutions for every type of cash register. In addition to direct integrations, we offer a specialized technology solution for inexpensive cash registers.

We partnered with Datacap Systems, Inc., to build our technology into a full suite of products that deliver all the benefits of integrated payment solutions—automated transaction reporting, free MercuryGift transactions, stand-in authorization, tip adjustment, and free 24/7 support. These NoLoad™ Datacap products for Mercury are preprogrammed and ready to plug in for fast and easy set up. They include:

  • NoLoad IPTran™ - integrated fast, internet protocol (IP) payment processing
  • NoLoad DialTran™ - integrated dial-up payment processing
  • NoLoad TwinTran™ - integrated IP processing with automatic dial backup if the Internet connection is lost

The NoLoad IPTran™, NoLoad DialTran™ and NoLoad TwinTran™ are trademarks of Datacap Systems, Inc. Copyright ©2009 by Datacap Systems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.


We support a variety of payment terminals that send payments directly to us. Our terminal solutions fit many different business needs, including choices for internet or dial-up processing, MercuryGift card processing, credit, debit, EBT and tip adjustment. We also offer terminals that enable online reporting and other features of our integrated POS and ECR solutions. As with all of our payment solutions, merchants enjoy free 24/7 live support.

Check Processing (Credit Verification, Recovery, Guarantee)

In conjunction with our partner, Global Payment Systems, Mercury® offers fast, cost-effective protection against check fraud loss at the point-of-sale (POS), and a comprehensive check recovery program.

Check Verification and Recovery

Using multiple national databases of check information, Global verifies the validity of a check within three seconds. If a check bounces, Global will attempt recovery. If recovery is made within 30 days, the merchant will receive 100 percent reimbursement, and 60 percent thereafter.

Xpress Check

Xpress Check, Global’s premiere check guarantee service, provides even greater protection by reimbursing a merchant 100 percent for a bad check if a request is made within 45 days, and 60 percent thereafter.    

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)

Our comprehensive Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) processing makes it easy for retail businesses to accept EBT cards. Our platform accommodates multiple or single locations. Although benefits vary from state to state, our EBT solution enables services in available states on a single system with no software changes.

We can also provide consolidated EBT transaction data for multiple states, streamlining cross-state chain business operations. We make EBT settlement easier by providing funds, reports and billing for debit, credit, and EBT all together.

Live 24/7 Support

Direct interface. Direct support. Mercury Payment Systems provides free expert support around the clock.

Direct Support

When problems happen, fast resolution can save the business day. MercuryLive™—our 24/7 customer and technical support service—is free and it’s live. Our friendly experts are here to take calls and answer emails regardless of the day and hour. We match our schedule to businesses that are open late at night, on weekends, or holidays to support seamless operations. So forget about bankers' hours. Call us any time.

Customer Service

Customer service is a promise we keep. Our frontline customer service team quickly handles funding and processing requests, general service-related questions, and call routing. Through proactive monitoring of our MercuryLive team’s calls and performance, we continually identify and implement new processes to improve service to our merchants and POS partners.

Technical Support

When a merchant has technical problems, we help. We know POS technology. Our experience with integrating our payment processing platform with hundreds of POS systems gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to solving technical issues quickly. We back up our technology—and the POS system—with expert technical support. Our technical support team handles difficult funding requests, bulk processing requests, and all POS, ECR, and terminal technical support issues.

Transaction Reporting

Our integrated technology helps simplify business management with such automated services as online transaction reporting.

Our customized portal, MercuryView™, takes transaction reporting a step further. With MercuryView, we offer real-time transaction data plus a host of enhanced reporting features to help manage finances and streamline the bookkeeping process.

MercuryView's versatile platform provides real-time transaction information, transaction history, daily batch and deposit details, and monthly statements. We offer a wide array of reporting options, including:

  • Credit card transaction reports. Merchants can choose from 35 pre-set reports or create reports using custom criteria. Reports can be sorted by day, card type, operator, batch, and much more.
  • MercuryGift™ card transaction reports. Merchants can review gift transactions for one store or an entire chain. They can check the number of cards with outstanding balances, track redeemed cards, and verify proper load amounts.
  • Daily settlement, deposit, and statement reports. We provide daily batch detail and deposit reports so merchants can keep track of anticipated deposit volume, daily discount totals from the last closed batch, and chargeback and return totals. Online monthly statements show information for the past 30 days.

Stand-In Authorization

MercuryStand-In is a unique service that Mercury Payment Systems developed to keep merchants processing during outages in the authorization network.

Imagine payment processing screeching to a halt just when sales traffic is at its peak. Checkout lines get longer. Customers get angry. Staff gets frustrated. Problems escalate.

Not with Mercury. MercuryStand-In guarantees continuous processing.

If a processing outage occurs, we turn on our unique "stand in" authorization service. We developed this essential service so our merchants keep processing if there’s an outage within the authorization network. We "stand in"—so business continues as usual. While standing in, we approve all transactions up to the floor limit, and guarantee no financial loss to our merchants.


PIN Debit First

Save $100s in transaction processing fees!

We help merchants drive PIN debit transactions first to satisfy growing consumer demand and reduce transaction costs. Our MercuryPIN1st™ platform identifies the consumer’s card type and requests the PIN number when the card is swiped. Our host-based BIN lookup web service eliminates the need for developer or merchant maintenance of local BIN files, making PIN debit card acceptance easy and economical.

Mercury® partners with POS developers to integrate our PIN debit first transaction processing with their systems. Merchants choose systems with PIN debit first capability because it reduces processing fees and helps them meet growing consumer demand for PIN debit card acceptance. Consumers prefer the convenience and extra security of PIN debit cards, and appreciate being able to use them wherever they shop.

Enhanced Products and Services

Products and services delivered on the Mercury platform are designed to provide the best experience to our merchant customers.


MercuryShield™ is a new PA-DSS validated payment application that handles the processing and transmission of customers’ sensitive card data. With MercuryShield, sensitive card data is not stored, processed or transmitted through the POS software of the developer; a developer’s POS application need only collect the non-sensitive data necessary to perform a payment transaction.


We provide creative funding solutions to help our merchants get access to cash, goods, and services.

Advance funding allows merchants to receive a lump sum advance against their future credit card sales. Merchants can use funds to purchase new equipment, make upgrades for card data security compliance, expand inventory, fund sales and marketing activity, pay taxes, meet payroll obligations, or cover any unexpected business expenses.

We also provide access to merchant billing programs and a third-party leasing company.

Internet Backup

The IP/Dial Bridge™ for Mercury is a unique solution that guarantees continuous payment processing during internet outages. Developed in partnership with Datacap Systems, Inc., it is a compact unit that connects with the POS system to automatically switch from internet protocol (IP) to dial-up processing when internet service is disrupted.

This product provides reliable backup for compatible POS systems, and automatically returns to IP processing when the internet connection is restored. The IP/Dial Bridge for Mercury can also be used as an inexpensive, dial-only processing solution that can be easily upgraded to IP when the merchant gets a high-speed internet connection.

The IP/Dial Bridge™ is a trademark of Datacap Systems, Inc.
Copyright ©2009 by Datacap Systems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Next Day Funding

Our next day funding is available for merchants who bank with HSBC. We make payment processing funds available the next business day, rather than within the customary 48-72 hours with other processors. Merchants benefit from enhanced cash flow, more flexible cash management, and more accurate account reconciliation. Next day funding is available for all transaction types for MasterCard, VISA, and Discover. HSBC has nearly 450 locations throughout the U.S.


Our integration with Plug'n Pay, an ecommerce gateway provider, gives every merchant, regardless of POS system, easy access to ecommerce credit and gift card processing. Our ecommerce solution eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive merchant development, integration, and support. Plug'n Pay sends transactions directly to Mercury. Our plug-in technology eliminates the need for web server or hosting requirements, and no additional hardware or software is necessary for merchants who process payments with Mercury.

Risk and Fraud Monitoring

We continuously monitor processing activity to help our merchants reduce risk and prevent fraud. Our risk department is here to help our merchants understand and use best practices for electronic card acceptance. We provide information to help merchants understand the credit card authorization process and become informed about averting fraud, avoiding costly errors, and more.

Unmatched, all-in-one payment solutions

Mercury® is in the business of helping businesses prosper. Accept all payment types securely and continuously with their do-it-right payment technology. Their award-winning products and services include 24/7 U.S. based support, loyalty programs, unlimited gift card transactions, real-time transaction reports and more. Plus, with 99.99% uptime, you'll always be ready to make a sale.

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