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Customer Pole Display

Pole Displays are used at the Point of Sale (POS) terminal to display the price of goods, the item description, and the total amount billed. Superstores, take away restaurants, burger joints, computer stores and perfume stores --- all can use these pole displays for the convenience of the customers. Customer displays can be bought for various prices and the more expensive ones with additional features can be bought by the larger businesses. Our website UniquePos.com believes in prompt customer service. We have a support team to serve you 24X7 and help answer all your questions. We are able to deliver free of charge for all orders above $100 within continental USA and we are also able to deliver anywhere in the USA as well as outside USA. We are a one stop shop for all your POS terminal needs. Our customers always come back to us to buy some new products which we keep adding every month, so bookmark this site and visit us regularly.
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POS-X ION-RD3-LCD8 ION Integrated 8.4" Rear LCD, for ION TP3 POS-X ION-RD3-LCM ION Integrated Rear LCM, USB, for ION TP3 & TM3
List Price: $321.00
Our Price: $180.58
You save $140.42!
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List Price: $180.00
Our Price: $101.51
You save $78.49!
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POS-X ION-RD3-LCD8 Rear Display POS-X ION-RD3-LCM Rear Display
POS-X ION-RD3-LCD8 Rear Display POS-X ION-RD3-LCM Rear Display
The “Logic Controls LD9000 Series Pole Display” at the UniquePos.com store is for use at the POS terminals. This is a very popular product and is also well known among the pole displays. They are very reliable, functional, and provide value for the price you pay. Their unique circuit design makes them a favored buy among the customers. They are made from special plastic that does not easily fade and is UV resistant. This is a 2 X 20 lines and 9.5 mm character height pole display. The pole display’s time and offers scrolling features. It has a wide character pitch and the optically matched lens give better visibility. It is a highly affordable pole display for the busy POS check out terminals. Most of them come with female connectors and can be used to display the required information. It has a bright green vacuum fluorescent display. Custom messages can be programmed. The wide choices of interfaces available are USB, serial, parallel and pass through interface. Available with many popular command sets including OPOS and JPOS, the pole display may be available in beige and gray colors. The pole display can be bought for 120V or for 220V electricity supply. The “Mean Time between Failures (MTBF)” for this pole display is 300,000 hours. The brightness 900 cd/m2 is good enough for the display at the POS terminal.

The “Logic Controls PD3000 Series Pole Display” available at UniquePos.com store supports Logic Controls command set and OPOS (OLE for Point of Sale) and JPOS (Java Point of Sale) drivers. You can also program this pole display to support command sets from Epson, Partner Tech, Ultimate Technologies, IEE, EMAX, Aedex, or Noritake. The pole display also supports many languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian, and Slavonic. There is a software interface through which these commands and languages can be selected as appropriate for your POS terminal use. You would use the pole display at the POS terminal along with the POS computer, POS printers, POS keyboards as well as display information to customers during the check out process.

The “Logic Controls PD6000 SERIES Pole Display” is one of the most affordable pole displays in the market.  This pole display would be used with other POS devices at the check out terminal. This seems to be the source of information for the customers and you will find many of them concentrating on the pole display information. This is a 2X20 line display with 11.25 mm character height display. The smart scrolling feature in this pole display is remarkable. It also has a built in clock. This pole display comes with many interfaces. It can follow many standard command sets. This 2 line by 20 character display can be used in many large stores, restaurants, and toy superstores. OPOS and JPOS commands can be emulated by this pole display. This pole display comes in beige and gray colors.
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