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Mobile Computers and SmartPhones

Mobile Computers

For staff on the move Mobile Computers can double up as mobile computers along with working as mobile phones. These Smartphones are being used by huge number of people and have gained much popularity. You can call your home using the Smartphone, attend the conference call on the Smartphone, download the Excel attachment, scan bar codes, and enter data into the company ERP application.

You can set alarms for meetings and read your mails on the Smartphone. UniquePOS.com has been selling a wide range of Smartphones for customers of every budget. You can search for Smartphones from UniquePOS.com website and buy them online once you have selected your Smartphone. The company provides free shipping for purchases of over US$ 500 within continental USA. UniquePOS.com guarantees lowest prices on all its products. The company has a huge support team to answer all your queries and make your purchasing experience a convenient and hassle free one!
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H21A Rugged Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone With 1D Barcode Scanner Kit (1D, English, Qwerty) H15A Rugged Windows Ce 5.0 Terminal With Barcode Laser Scanner Kit (Includes Cradle, Battery, Usb, Power Supply) Honeywell Dolphin 9951 Wireless Barcode Scanner
List Price: $1,395.00
Our Price: $240.00
You save $1,155.00!
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List Price: $899.00
Our Price: $528.28
You save $370.72!
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List Price: $1,025.00
Our Price: $1,752.74
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H21A Rugged Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone With 1D Barcode Scanner Kit (1D, English, Qwerty) H15A Rugged Windows Ce 5.0 Terminal With Barcode Laser Scanner Kit (Includes Cradle, Battery, Usb, Power Supply) Honeywell Dolphin 9951 Wireless Barcode Scanner
UniquePos.com sells a fairly wide range of Smartphones. UniquePos.com sells the “Opticon-H19 Mobile Smartphone” which uses the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 operating system. The 400 MHz CPU speed and 64 MB RAM are good enough for the user. 512 MB ROM is adequate to power this SmartPhone. The color TFT display, with a diagonal width of 2.8”, has comfortable viewing area. They come with mono microphones and mono loudspeaker. It has a built in numeric phone keypad. There are mini SD and SDIO expansion slots. Standard features like bluetooth and wireless are also present in this Smartphone along with the battery capacity of 1440mAh.

A stylish, sleek, and useful “Smartphone from Honeywell” is also sold by UniquePos.com store. This is a lightweight device that is able to scan barcodes, helps in real time data capture and connectivity. Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 is an easy intuitive platform for this Smartphone. Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 to read bar codes, store digital pictures, and electronic signature capture make this Smartphone extremely useful for people on the move.

The “Janam Technologies XG100 Mobile Computers” can be bought from UniquePos.com store. This is for mobile workforce in distribution centers, superstore warehouses, and docks where extensive loading activity happens. Windows CE 6.0 with 3.7” LCD display has made this Smartphone extremely popular to be used for data capture and data dissemination. This Smartphone is available in 42 key and 52 key layouts and is extremely smart looking, sleek, and handy.

UniquePos.com also sells the “UniTech PA500 Mobile Computer and Barcode Scanner”. This Smartphone was designed for the enterprise applications and the sturdy looks make it a good buy. Its features like the Bluetooth Class 2 connectivity and 802.11b/g Bluetooth help in data transfer. This Smartphone is built to be robust and withstand falls up to 4 feet onto concrete. It is being used in retail, restaurants, and healthcare sectors along with their software applications.

The Smartphones come in various shapes, sizes, and the keypad is either always on the top under the screen or smartly slides out. Depending on what looks suit and appeal to you, you can buy your Smartphone. The following are some factors to be considered:
•    Of course most people will choose the Smartphone that looks best for them.
•    The functionality of the Smartphone and the use while you are traveling.
•    The network is to be considered as some people might just read the mail and some would require to download the attachment too. Hence the network plays an important role.
•    Then the operating system on the Smartphone is important. Several Smartphones come with different operating systems supporting slightly different features. The look and feel of different operating systems will be different and also at the end of the day you might synchronize the Smartphone with your laptop for data transfer.
•    The size of the keypad and the display are important. Some Smartphones would double up the use of keys and so you should find this comfortable.
•    The payment plan is also important while buying the Smartphone. You will need to pay the monthly bill and hence the most appropriate payment plan for the Smartphone has to be chosen.
•    Sometimes you will ask a customer to sign on your Smartphone and save the signature in a database or transmit this to your office. Hence you need the digital pen, touch screen, and keyboard.
•    The memory of the Smartphone, the sound system, speakerphone, wireless connectivity, and blue tooth are some other features you would look into while buying the Smartphone.
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