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Multifunction Receipt Printers

You cannot think of a good computer system without a high-speed printer. Virtually every user of computer needs a printer that suits to his requirements. However, the need varies from user to use. It is an ultimate requirement. We feel proud to introduce complete solution to all your printer requirements.

The “Multifunction Printers” are the most sophisticated printers that are capable to meet as well as solve all requirements of printer. These printers include high-speed and high-performance family of printers. They guarantee reduced operating cost, high productivity and good printing quality. You can get a very dependable service from these printers, which require low maintenance cost as well. As far as other aspects of these printers are concerned, they are easily affordable and does not require too much technical knowledge to operate. The most attractive fact about these multifunction printers is that they are supported by the latest technology. This latest technology makes these printers even more dependable.
The Multifunction printers are believed to be the best most advanced type of printers. They are brought to you by the most prestigious name in the world of printers ---- Epson. The services of the multifunction printers are made available to you by UniquePos.com, which is a well known company in the field of computer printers that are being used these days for different purposes. The term ‘multifunction’ means ‘of multiple uses’ and that is what these multifunction printers do. These printers are capable of serving an organization in various ways. It can work as a receipt printer or validation printer. These multifunction printers can print receipts and validate the deposit slips, cheques, and batch tickets. They are also capable of producing high-speed graphics. Epson TM-H6000III and Epson TM-U325 the two most commonly used multifunction printers that are widely used today. Both these printers are capable of doing their work with distinctive qualities. Their speed is enviable yet both of them make least sound while in operation. The Epson TM-H6000III is primarily a receipt printer whereas the Epson TM-U325 is a receipt and validation printer. Most of the leading banks and retail organizations are largely benefited by these printers. Some of the unique features of these printers are as follows: They can print the receipt in two colors. They are capable of making fast 63 lps thermal receipt printing. They maintain 99.9% accuracy record, which makes these machines very much dependable. They can handle the paper feeding efficiently. They have in-built forms stopper that enables them for superior slip handling. The high capacity of drop-in paper loading makes them even more efficient in paper handling. This high-speed performer can process high-resolution graphics with no processing delay. The body and the make of these multifunction printers are also very attractive. They are compact and durable. Due to this, these printers can serve the user for a longer period. These multifunction thermal printers are available in fascinating colors of cool white and dark gray. The multifunction printers that are brought to you by UniquePos.com are real assets for your company. These high-performance multifunction printers are designed and programmed to meet all your requirements regarding receipt printing or validation printing. They are user friendly and every user can follow the user manuals to operate them quite efficiently. Any prior idea or experience is not required for using these multifunction printers. Moreover, both these multifunction printers are fully automatic. They are programmed quite efficiently to handle everything by themselves. You need not take personalized care and attention for each task they do. If you are in need of a dependable and multifunctional printer for your company, you can switchover confidently to our “Multifunctional Thermal” printers. A reliable service and complete peace of mind is guaranteed with every purchase of “Multifunction Thermal” printers from us.
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