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Booksize POS Terminals

The “Book Size Computers” are smaller in size but are useful in rugged conditions like in an industrial environment, a car repair shop, a car garage, or a warehouse. These are places where there would be dust, grease, dirt, and unfavorable climatic conditions. These small POS computers are made real strong to perform under such harsh conditions. They are also built to get adequate protection from the rough handling. They cost lower when compared to the “All in One Book POS computers”. They are usually fanless and make less noise. They normally have no vents around them and the casing is strong and rugged. While you are shopping for “Book Size Computers” from our website, you can “shop by price” or “shop by brand”. We are a leading dealer of POS Terminals in the US and are proud to serve hundreds of customer everyday. Most of our customers are loyal and repeat buyers. At UniquePOS.com, you can get quality products at good prices. Last but not the least, we provide free shipping within continental USA for purchase of over US$ 100.
The “Logic Controls LC8200 Industrial Computer” is a book size POS computer for industrial use in environments where there can be oil, dust, and dirt! In spite of these unfriendly conditions, the computer will work quietly without a fan. This computer can be bought from UniquePos.com at discounted reasonable priced given the functionality of the POS computer. This book size POS computer comes with 4 serial ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 VGA slot, 1 parallel port, 1 Ethernet slot, 1PS/2, speaker and microphone ports required to connect the various devices with this POS computer. This book size is a worthy investment for industrial environments where ruggedness of exterior conditions is to be accompanied with reliability of the payment solution and voucher creation system. This computer is fanless and ventless. It uses Intel Celeron M 1 GHZ processor. The compact flash hard disk can store huge quantity of transactional data. A RAM of 128MB to 1GB SODIMM is required for quick transactions during the checkout process for customers. System boot from CF, HDD, USB, or network makes it very versatile to use.

UniquePos.com store sells the “POS-X Bookcase Point of Sale Computer” which is a nice book size computer to be used for the transaction data and voucher production process. The payment solutions also work through this computer at the point of sale. The functioning of this POS computer is very smooth and you are paying only a reasonable price for this book size computer. This miniature computer can be stored under the counter or on a table. The POS computer is versatile with 45nm CPU technology. The power required to start this POS computer is very low when compared to typical desktop computers which require more power. This book size computer comes with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Dual Core processor. The 1-2 GB DDR II RAM makes the POS computer work speedily for the transactions. The DVD-RW optical drive is essential for data backups. It has secure Intel chipset. This POS computer comes with three years warranty when you buy it from UniquePos.com. We have a huge demand for these book size computers from our customers. We provide great customer support, delivery and after sales advice.

The “Logic Controls LC7000 Industrial Computer” is sold at UniquePos.com. This POS book size computer is a fanless computer. The absence of fan is useful as the noise coming out of this POS computer is minimal. The computer comes with a good collection of I/O ports that you may require to connect VDU, printer, telephone, speakers and any other devices. The size is real compact having no internal moving parts with dimensions being 6.5” by 5.0” by 1.2”. It comes with up to 600 MHz CPU speed. Compact flash mass storage with the high density, pallet racking and shelving storage features is an important feature for this POS computer. The hard drive can be between 64 MB to 8 GB or above for storage of huge data. With 128MB to 1GB SODIMM RAM, the book size computer runs very fast. The computer comes with 4 USB 2.0 ports, DVI/ VGA port, Ethernet port, serial port, keyboard socket, audio out, and power input sockets.
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