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POS Keyboards

Pos Keyboards

Point of Sale systems require special keyboards that can be conveniently used for data entry, transaction completion and to create the voucher. These special keyboards should have the numeric keys easily placed. The keys should be programmable for functions that are frequently used and hence convenience at the POS terminal can be achieved. Some of these keyboards come with a built in magnetic stripe reader which helps to read or swipe the credit and debit cards at the POS. At the various warehouses, hospitality desks, big superstores, and hospitals these special keyboards for POS terminals are being used. If you are looking to buy POS keyboards, UniquePOS.com is a leading retailer of POS keyboards over the internet. With years of experience in selling POS keyboards, the company provides pre and post sales support through its dedicated team of customer support executives. The company also provides installation guidance for your keyboards, so you can always get in touch with the company for any help.
UniquePos.com sells the “Logic Controls KB5000 Series programmable keyboard” which is an ideal keyboard for retail POS systems. It comes with a built in MSR. It has programmable keys, 66 in number. Windows based programming utility stores the definitions in a data file and an integrator can make these keys work as certain function keys required for the transactional system. This is a very reliable keyboard and very popular with outlets having POS terminals. The keys are supposed to last 10 million cycles and hence very sturdy. The keyboard weights 2.3 pounds. It has a width of 15.7 inches, depth of 6.2 inches, front height of 1.2 inches, and rear height of 1.8 inches. This keyboard can operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to 50 degree centigrade.

The “Logic Controls LK1600 Series Programmable Keyboard” has a PS/2 I/O port to connect TO scanners and check readers. It is being widely used in retail, hospitality, banks, travel, and insurance sectors in their POS terminals. The keyboard is 16 inches wide. It fits perfectly on any POS workstation. There are 55 function keys and there are alphanumeric and numeric keys. There is a built in magnetic stripe reader too and this keyboard is very popular. The keyboard weighs 3 pounds only.

Another keyboard sold by UniquePos.com is the “Logic Controls KB3000 Series Programmable keyboard”. This keyboard is very famous in retail, restaurants, dry cleaning stores and industrial premises. Various templates for the function keys can be used and changed for another template. This keyboard is useful for several applications with huge number of functional keys. The 176 keys are made from stainless steel dome disk switches. The keyboard is spill proof. This is the most programmable keyboard as told by the customers. A Windows based programming utility is used to store the key definitions and the integrator program integrates this with the function key as required. This keyboard allows daisy chaining of other input devices like check readers. It weights around 6 pounds. The users of this keyboard are very happy with the functionalities. The keyboard is popular and UniquePos.com has sold several of these keyboards in spite of the relatively high price at which the keyboard is sold.

UniquePos.com is also selling the “Cherry G80-8113 multifunctional card reading keyboard”. This keyboard boasts of great comfort for data entry at the transactional point or the POS terminal. It has a touchpad and has pointing device. It has barcode decoder and magnetic strip reader. It has 120 keys of which 59 are programmable. It has touchpad with 2 mouse buttons which is hugely useful. It has a RS232 port which is useful too.

The “Cherry G86-61410 SPOS keyboard” available at UniquePos.com store, is 14 inch wide. It works on standard plug and work system with some virtual programming. It is compatible with Microsoft’s new WEPOS operating system. The keyboard can be bought with or without a touchpad which is useful as not everyone would require a touchpad. Go and buy a nice keyboard from UniquePos.com store for your POS terminal. Browse the website, go through the features of all keyboards and then choose the one that perfectly suits your requirements.
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