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Retail Point of Sale Software

UniquePos.com sells the Microsoft Retail Management System which can be used as the Point of Sale (POS) system. This is more exhaustive software that can be used to connect the various offices of the retail chain. Various levels of reporting, data management, and use between interconnected computers in different locations make the software very versatile. Moreover it can be integrated with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

UniquePos.com sells the Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 which is a retail software. Now Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 costs very less from UniquePOS.com. This is an useful software as in the retail sector there are various parameters like discounts on goods, price for a number of goods, and what is on offer at the store.

These retail software sold by UniquePos.com are doing excellent work and many retail businesses buy these from UniquePos.com. Sectors like clothing, restaurant chains, computer stores, electronics goods chains and camera stores are using our retail pos software.

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Hero Points Module For Microsoft Dynamics Pos 2009 Hero Points Module For Microsoft Dynamics Rms
List Price: $650.00
Our Price: $599.00
You save $51.00!
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List Price: $650.00
Our Price: $599.00
You save $51.00!
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Hero Points for Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 for any size retail store. Hero Points for Microsoft Dynamics POS RMS for any size retail store.
Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Microsoft Dynamics Pos 2009
List Price: $1,499.00
Our Price: $1,250.00
You save $249.00!

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List Price: $2,500.00
Our Price: $1,495.00
You save $1,005.00!

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Microsoft Retail Management System : Microsoft RMS Store Operations Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 for any size retail store.
Microsoft Retail Management System Headquarters
List Price: $4,750.00
Our Price: $2,490.00
You save $2,260.00!
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Microsoft Retail Management System Headquarters : Microsoft RMS Headquarters

Retail POS Software

Microsoft Retail Management System is for the small and mid market retailers. This is very powerful retail pos software that automates the POS processes, store operations and provides for central control of various retailers. This application can integrate with other Microsoft products to provide flexibility of use of the applications. This can be used in an individual store. The store POS can by using Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters connect to the head office POS for data capture, data analysis and data integrity.

This Retail POS Software is fairly simple to use at the POS terminal. There is an online help available which helps the people at the POS terminal. POS buttons to access websites, software, and other applications can also be set. The screen can be customized to exactly what should be visible and is required for the transactional process. Graphics and logos can be customized on receipts and price labels. The buying and ordering levels can be streamlined. Purchase Order (PO) can be generated automatically. There are 15 user defined fields which can be used as required by the retail store. Fields can be hidden, made view only and are editable. This solution can be used at a single store or at multiple stores --- all connected together to the head office.

Inventory can be tracked and managed using this Retail POS Management System. Work orders, back orders and quotes can be processed. Inventory replenishment based on reorder point, level, or reorder quantity is also possible. Multiple suppliers for each item are also supported. This system also defines a master pack quantity for ordering. Notes and reminders can also be attached to specific items.

There is a feature to export purchase orders to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word for easy analysis, view, and study. There is a label wizard in the software to design graphical labels, with or without the company logo. There is also a wizard to add inventory and update the database. This application also lets one manage and modify item requirements and add items to the purchase order. The system also has the capability to store and track offline inventory.

 Online services for shipping the inventory are also available through the software. Transaction processing is also very convenient in this Microsoft Retail Management System. Touch screen and user defined keyboard short cuts help the transaction process to be real fast. At the POS terminal one can look up the prices of goods, include sales, discounts and promotions into the pricing. Tax tables are also available for reference. Shipping details, carrier details and charge can also be viewed. Payment card processing can be easily done through integration with PC Charge, ICVerify, and other such providers.

At the POS terminal there will be no requirement to swipe your credit card using magnetic stripe reader. There will be no need of a telephone connection to get the credit card verified but all this can be done online using this software. The Microsoft Retail Management System also provides for multiple level reports. Various reports can be created and produced with great details. Summary reports can also be extracted. The software is really worth the price and is full of useful features
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