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Network Video Recorders

Embedded Network Video Recorders (NVR) record the IP video signals for you from the network IP cameras. The video from each IP camera is recorded through the network in this NVR. Thus NVRs are used to store video sent from any location over the network. The NVR can be installed at a convenient location and where it can be managed. They are very useful and are being used for reliable security and surveillance systems.

UniquePos.com store can ship you the NVR you choose after you place the order online. All orders above $100 are shipped free of charge by UniquePos.com within the continental US. UniquePos.com is selling all its POS products to several customers located worldwide. The customers are very happy with the service. They always come back for repeat purchases as the company keeps adding new products in its inventory. They have a support team that can solve the various queries of the customers before placing an order for the product. Their sincerity, attention to details and customer service are very remarkable.
You can have a look at the Vivotek 9-CH PoE Gateway Supported Network Video Recorder. This is a great NVR that supports 9 channel monitoring and recording simultaneously which is incredible. This supports Vivotek 6000 and 7000 series network cameras. The NVR has four built in 802.3sf compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports and hence many ports for many cables. The four digital inputs and one digital output for connection to sensors and alarms are required for the security management system.

The NVR can carry on local video recording without affecting the bandwidth for recording over the network. Features like automatic camera installation and configuration are supported by this NVR. An NVR can act as an external USB storage for backup of video. It supports both mpeg-4 and mjpeg formats of video. The recording options are alarm recording, scheduled recording and manual recording which adds convenience for the security management system. SATA hard disk of capacity 750 GB can be installed in the NVR and hence providing huge storage for streaming videos. This NVR comes with a built in gateway that separates camera network from data network so that the video recording does not influence your bandwidth. There is a USB port to connect external storage devices for video backup.

The NV-2040 NUUO NVRmini 4 IP channels H.264 2HDDs network video recorder is another favorite among the customers of UniquePos.com. This NVR can work with several cameras. This is a Linux based NVR for IP security cameras over the network. This is an easy to install NVR. Just plug it in and it is ready for use. Medium sized supermarkets, offices, bus terminals and buildings can use these NVRs to record the streaming video from IP cameras. They support 2 to 4 hard disks. They support 4 to 8 IP cameras. They have an open platform which supports several brands of IP cameras. Users can see live video or recorded video at these NVRs from any connected computer. The NVR uses Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) technology. This RAID technology makes the data transfer rate higher and ensures data retrieval in the event of disk drive failure. The NVR comes with 5 methods of intelligent search. It has a real time A/V viewer which is useful. I/O device integration is possible. Event triggered recording, schedule control recording over the network, and instant playback make this NVR a great value for the price.

Another robust NVR is the Sony Network Video Recorder 500GB Storage 120FPS up to 20 cameras from the pioneer of gadgets, Sony. This NVR can record 20 channels at the same time. It supports mpeg-4 and jpeg formats. It has the privacy masking feature. The NVR is compatible with Network Storage Systems (NAS) for external data backups. The RS-232C interface allows the NVR to be connected to Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
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