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Weatherproof Security Cameras

Weatherproof cameras help to monitor security in your home, office or shop. They can be connected with a cable to a TV, monitor or a VCR. Obviously they are weather resistant and can easily be used outdoors and indoors for surveillance. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a circuit which automatically will normalize the output of an electronic device by enhancing or reducing the incoming signal. The AGC feature is quite admirable in these cameras.

You can buy black and white, color, and day/night weatherproof cameras from UniquePos.com. A recommended black and white weatherproof camera is the ‘EZ120 Everfocus 1/3” B/W Weatherproof Camera’. This camera looks quite classy in the waterproof shell. It has a charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor which is very sensitive and has a 1/3” interline image transfer sensor. The camera has a high speed electronic shutter, low flux, and AGC making the camera a great buy for using in commercial and residential premises
The color weatherproof camera is expensive when compared to the black and white cameras. UniquePos.com sells the ‘1/3” Color Hi Res Weatherproof Bullet w/heater’ which has 520 TV lines and good picture capture capabilities. The 10-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) leads to great quality video. It comes with the 1/3” charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor with around 440,000 picture elements. The interline transfer color CCD helps you achieve the low light sensitivity of 0.5lux. The cameras help take sharper pictures due to the digital signal processing. The backlight is useful. The automatic shutter has a wide range of up to 1/100,000. The 9 to 22 mm varifocal lens takes great pictures. The camera works in extremely low temperatures too as it has a built in heater. As the camera is used extensively for outdoor purposes, it is secured with an aluminum cover. The camera can be bought from UniquePos.com website with a warranty for 5 years. This camera can record pictures on either NTSC or PAL formats. The camera requires 15W power with the heater. The camera has a weather proof rating of IP 66. The electronic shutter works well as the 1/50 – 1/60 to 1/100,000 sec shutter speed is very useful in capturing great pictures. Features such as the following make the camera very sophisticated:
• To make the camera flicker-less
• Have line lock
• Set auto gain control
• Gamma correction.

UniquePro.com sells the “Weather-Proof Day/Night Bullet Camera 530TC Lines 36 IR LED”. This camera can be shipped to you in 1 to 2 days and the shipping is free. This camera uses a Sony CCD imager. With 530 TV lines, the picture resolution and clarity are admirable. The camera comes with a 4 mm fixed lens. The camera is great for day and night use. In low lighting conditions you can use this camera comfortably and get good results. The camera comes with 36 infra red LEDs. Of course the camera is weather proof as it is also used out doors. The camera body is black in color and has a wire passing through the bracket design. The installation of the camera is fairly simple and straightforward.  The signal system is only NTSC in this camera and so you can record the pictures or video onto a NTSC tape. The camera comes with auto white balance feature. The electronic shutter ranges from 1/60 to 1/100,000 per sec.

Before buying the security camera you must know the areas where the camera will be operational. The literature and guidelines provided with the camera will also help you in this regard. Mount the camera carefully. Connect it using cables to the display devices namely monitor, TV, or to a video recorder. Even if the weatherproof camera is a wireless one it is a good idea to tie it up using some wire to secure it. A surveillance diagram of the exterior of the property will also be useful. Install the software you will use to switch the surveillance system on and record the video pictures. Use the weatherproof camera cleverly to give you maximum security indoors or outdoors and lead a secured life. You may also require some programs to monitor the surveillance system installed by you.
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